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Online Gambling Harm

“the African must fight unceasingly against the appetites of foreign domination, whether called colonialism, neo-colonialism or imperialism. It is our present task to unmask and mercilessly to stigmatize every slightest sign of colonialism aiming to undermine the independence of the African States, whether under an economic or a cultural guise”  

His Majesty Mwami Mwambutsa IV, King of Burundi (OAU/AU Founder 1963)

A Letter To The People Of Malta

A heartfelt letter, from a courageous young man asking the Maltese people not to turn a blind eye to the harm that is being inflicted on the youth in Africa, by the very industry that resides on their island.

On behalf of 829 million children & young people in Africa, please help!

230707_Letter to Malta_NB.jpg

A True Evil - explained by Professor Mac

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